R & D

KUKA’s designer integrate their deep understanding of living culture of living room and bed room into the product design and development, creating an international, fashionable, young, and leisure-oriented household products. KUKA successfully introduced top international furniture production equipment and the advanced technology of the manufacturing industry. As the same time, KUKA has large amount of skilled technicians and a complete standard of manual process. In additional to industry leading local designing team, KUKA R&D center also international renowned designers from Italy, Germany, France, Japan and other places. Each year, KUKA has hundreds new releases in global marketing.

The spirit of enterprise of KUKA is always “Excellence, beyond the self”, interpreting life with art, define the trend with design, has won the high reorganization of consumer and the industry. Looking ahead, KUKA wants to be a passionate, being respected world-class corporate.

Create happiness, archiving a better life!