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Product Code:#1576
There are different options of colors and leather materials for this item. For more information, please leave in message in "Contact Us" or call by 2577 7721.

Product Description

It is a lofty modern and simple sofa. Its lenient armrest, plump and thick cushion and backrest without redundant open line and complex design fully mirror its atmosphere; its simple and elegant and practical with its backrest belt turning upside and down freely which can satisfy different seating postures, and its cushion stretching out to be a lying seat fully reflect its contemporary; its upright and delicate shape without redundant and meaningless design fully explains its simplicity. Its details also attract people’s attention successfully apart from its extraordinary momentum shape: the metal insertion strip outside the armrest enriches its simple shape, complementing each other with the metal strip serving as the bottom sofa feet; the oblique line inside the armrest also brings the whole straight line visually vivacious sense; the lying seat is designed with very practical object box. What’s more, various specification selections enable you to compose different combination, which can not only satisfy your personalized choice but also can match your room space.

Product Size

3 seater W: 99" x D: 43"/51" x H: 28"/37"
L-Shape W: 123" x D: 43"/75" x H: 28"/37"
Full Set W: 156" x D: 75"/128" x H: 28"/37"