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Product Code:#GN003
There are different options of colors and leather materials for this item. For more information, please leave in message in "Contact Us" or call by 2577 7721.

Product Description

It is a functional sofa which can make your exhausted body completely relaxed. Its filler composed of fine silk and silk floss makes the backrest extremely plump and comfortable with its upper and lower layers rightly supporting your waist; the high spring-back sponge and silk floss in the cushion highly improves its comfort; the seat for three people is designed with the function of lying backwards, providing a more comfortable condition for our rest; the insertion slip on the front side of the wide smooth and plump armrest makes the sofa more vigorous.

Product Size

1 seater W: 45" x D: 39"/62" x H: 39"
L-Shape W: 110" x D: 39"/70" x H: 39"