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Product Code:#1255
There are different options of colors and leather materials for this item. For more information, please leave in message in "Contact Us" or call by 2577 7721.

Product Description

The cushion between hardness and softness and higher backrest make you extremely comfortable; the soft roll inside armrest and headrest add layering in shape and improve sofa’s comfort greatly; single line sewing of the backrest, cushion, and armrest is visually vivid and dexterous, perfectly matching its small size; quietly elegant color fully displays exquisite delight in life.

Product Size

2 seater W: 60" x D: 35" x H: 38" 3 seater W: 71" x D: 35" x H: 38" L-Shape W: 79" x D: 35"/62" x H: 38"